Smart, repeatable checklists. Built for Slack.

No more chasing - automated task reminders and daily reports.

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Prevent simple mistakes

Define how to deliver common jobs successfully. Get it right every time.

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Lives in Slack

Work across your organisation and break the silos.

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Capture team knowledge

Share how to get it done right. Improve the checklist as you use it.

What is TeamChecklist great for?

Improving project quality

  • Quality assurance
  • Launches and releases
  • Best practice reminders

Smooth company running

  • Onboarding tasks
  • Audit actions
  • Training

Checklists are proven to work

Checklists are a powerful way of storing knowledge and improving quality.

The World Health Organisation reduced post-surgery deaths by 47% in hospitals that trialled its 8 step checklist.

Don't know how to harness checklists? Read how to harness them and why we created TeamChecklist.

No more chasing

People with tasks that are close to their due date will get automatic reminders.

You can instantly get a report of the status of all the tasks right in Slack - no more updating spreadsheets.

And any team member can see the tasks assigned to them within Slack.

No more avoidable mistakes

By improving your checklists each time you use them you create ready made guides on how to deliver important jobs.

Something went wrong? Just add it to the checklist template ready for next time.

Make company life easy

Need everyone to sign-off that they understand a new company policy?

Or confirm that they've assessed their data security risks each month?

You can quickly create a list that will ask people to complete the task by the deadline. And automatically repeat the list each month.

James - Operations Director

“Saves me hours on onboarding”

I used to spend hours chasing and we still missed tasks.

Now I just create a checklist from my template and delegate the tasks. The automatic reminders really help.

Katy - Lead Dev

“Site launches - no stress”

It felt like every time we did a launch we were managing to miss a different issue, it was so frustrating.

Now we all use the same launch checklist and keep improving it.

Mike - Design Lead

“Helps my team every time”

My team have to check things like accessibility and brand use before they send work.

TeamChecklist makes it easy see who's checked what.

Quick and simple setup


Create your new checklist template
and add the tasks.


Start a live checklist in Slack
whenever you need one.